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Image by Debby Hudson

Individual Therapy

The best thing about individual therapy is that we can tailor it to everyone's unique needs.  No matter the goals of therapy, I start with validation and support. I rely on evidence-based treatment, especially Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, but also draw from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Psychodynamic Therapy.  My approach is rooted in social justice, developmental, and ecological values. 

My clients usually appreciate how comfortable they feel in session and how not only do I listen, but provide feedback when helpful. We laugh and cry in session, even though we are together to do difficult but meaningful work. 

Common themes across my work with women include: parenting differently than they were parented, coping with parent loss while learning how to parent, negative body image, burnout, difficulty with boundaries and prioritization, as well as difficulty with self-compassion and self-care.

Perinatal Psychotherapy

Specialized training and experience

I provide psychotherapy for individuals during the "perinatal process", which include the period of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

I have advanced training in perinatal mental health psychotherapy from Postpartum Support International.  Working in clients in this phase of their lives allows me to incorporate much of my training and passions, including attachment, mind-body connection, gender, racial, and cultural identity, and vocation.

Sometimes I follow clients through the phase of trying to get pregnant through postpartum for monitoring. Other times, we decide to continue our work together.

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