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Liberated Career Support

Build your career intuition to feel more empowered & clear

My clients have invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into building their career.  Many have even secured their "dream job". Despite their many accomplishments, anxiety, doubt, perfectionism, and lack of self-care has caused burn-out, disconnection, and confusion. 

At its best, work is a place to explore and experiment in finding out what really matters to us and what our unique talent is. It can be a place where we feel valued by others and where we can financially support ourselves & our family.  Work can help us grow, provide us with community and a larger mission, and it can keep our hope alive when life gets hard. 

But at its worst, work can feel unbearable. It can be endless anxiety & stress, lifelong resentment, "wasted talent" and/or a re-creation of toxic interpersonal dynamics from childhood.


I have so much hope for people's ability to grow, change, and recover, because I've been honored to witness it first-hand from my clients. My clients work in various career fields including: medicine, finance, biotech, academia, marketing & sales, writers, small business owners as well as parents who are full-time caregivers and home-runners.

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Career coaching & counseling

My approach is rooted in unearthing individual values & purpose in order to help clients feel engaged and fulfilled in work. Conversely, I may support clients in de-prioritizing some goals when they no longer serve client’s or keep them stuck in burnt out and helplessness. 

We work together to identify knowledge and skills areas to grow. Clients often want to improve communication, self-advocacy, and boundaries in order to achieve goals, improve confidence, and build in recovery & rest into their work approach.

Issues Addressed:

  • Work transitions & interviewing

  • Negotiating pay & benefits

  • Returning to work following a period of time as a full-time caregiver

  • Building & running a business

  • Writing dissertation, completing intense professional training, or test anxiety

  • Navigating career decisions while pregnant, postpartum and through motherhood

  • Building a practice of rest, recovery, and nurturing within client’s work lives

  • Building stronger self-advocacy skills (to set boundaries, attain opportunities)

  • Recovering from toxic workplace environments (i.e., being a scapegoat, facing sexism, racism, or any other social identity discrimination) and rebuilding a safe and more confident career

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Perinatal & Caregiver Career Coaching

Is this a thing?  Well, it should be.

We undergo so much career transition during the perinatal process (i.e., from pre-pregnancy to two years postpartum). The process of becoming parents and holding the primary caregiver role requires unique career support that understands and values the challenges parents face. 

I support women to:

  • navigate career decisions

  • manage career anxiety

  • make sense of the competing demands of childcare

  • help prioritize and make sense of medical issues & decision making ingrained in the caregiver role 

  • value their work as caregivers & home runners

  • cope with body changes and body expectations in the work environment

  • connect parent philosophy with their career story & purpose

  • establish & practice boundaries 

  • increase advocacy confidence

  • roll with all the changes that come with this time

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Career Assessment

My goal is to take clients through a full process to appreciate their unique talents and values.  I hope that clients use the key take aways (as result of synthesizing career story and assessments results) to help them deepen understanding of their career identity and develop a sort of compass that helps them navigate career decisions throughout their lives. 


This process tends to be 3 sessions for the intake, assessment, and feedback process. I use about 3-4 assessments depending on the client. My goal is to integrate features of a person's career story, focusing on congruent & incongruent pieces of information where we may discover the importance of match in work environment & tasks. Feedback is usually provided via discussion, but I can provide some written notes (if helpful) of my impressions and suggestions going forward.

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