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You matter

What does it mean to be a racially responsive therapist? Well, I spent my time in graduate school researching how to best train...

Planning for the Worst

As a therapist, I have lots of conversations about negative thoughts. Ideally, we wouldn’t have negative thoughts because they make us...

Coping with Emotional Distancing

It sort of feels obvious to say that social distancing causes feelings of isolation. Duh, right? But something that doesn’t seem so...

Coping with Covid19

Give yourself space to cope with this time. There are many minor (and for some people major) experiences of loss we will endure.

Get some zzzs

So, what can we do to give our sleep a fighting chance during this time of our lives?

Anxiety sucks

We all experience anxiety on some level throughout our lives, so how do we cope with it?

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