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  • Stephanie Thrower

Struggling with self-compassion as a new mom

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Throughout pregnancy I see many women with incredible patience while coping with the discomfort of pregnancy, dietary limitations, or the many unknowns of pregnancy. However, following delivery, moms commonly experience a huge decrease in patience -- specifically with themselves.

Although moms continue to have a lot of patience for others, it can be hard to offer some of that patience back to themselves. “Why don’t I know how to do this?”, “Why can’t I be more independent?”, “Why can’t I feel more confident and strong?”, “Why don’t I feel connected to my baby?”, “Why is my body not recovering faster?!” are just a few of the thoughts that women share with me within weeks of giving birth.

Lack of patience for moms and women is a larger issue, especially during the postpartum period. We are told by doctors, our workplace, media, friends and family that after the 10 months of carrying a baby and delivering said baby, we *should* be recovered and adjusted within 6 weeks. Six weeks! A very busy and sleep deprived 6 weeks at that.

So, how can you deliver (pun intended) some of that patience to yourself during the postpartum period? Or in any phase of your life really?

What helps you to remember to be patient with yourself?

Self-compassion is #selfcaremama

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