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I work with clients to identify strengths, passions, and barriers when making changes in their work lives.  I aim to bolster someone’s courage and resilience in order to have long-lasting satisfaction, engagement, and a feeling of purpose in their careers.

The professional & personal

We have lots of mixed feelings about “having it all” in our society.  However, the trade-off between our roles & responsibilities at home and work can be very real. I work with my clients to mindfully attune to themselves to find the right balance for their roles at work and home.  

Identity matters at work

Many workplace institutions may “talk the talk” but not “walk the walk” when it comes to diversity (race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc.).  Lack of follow through on improving workplace culture leaves employees to cope with ongoing barriers on top of trying to achieve their career goals. I work with supervisors to improve their cultural responsiveness as well as employees to navigate difficult identity, power, and privilege dynamics that occur at work. 

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