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Racially Responsive Training & Research

My research and training experience focus on supporting racial identity development for healthcare providers and helpers.  I am interested in supporting people at being better, more racially responsive leaders in their roles at work and home.  In addition, my research and training focuses on promoting the advancement of racial climate in institutions, particularly in healthcare and educational settings.

The following are a few relevant published works:

Thrower, S. J.,Helms, J. E., Manosalvas, K. (2020). Exploring the role of context on racially responsive supervision: The racial identity social interaction model.

Training and Education in Professional Psychology, Vol 14(2).

Thrower, S. J., Helms, J. E., & Price, M. (2020). Racial Dynamics in Counselor Training: The Racial Identity Social Interaction Model. The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 13(1).

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